Our regular weekly meeting is 7pm every Wednesday at Henfield Leisure Centre...a smaller group regularly visits the track at Withdean Stadium, Brighton every Tuesday at 7.45pm (there is a £2.65 charge)...     

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Newsletter, May 2005


    Are you busy gardening, training for

the South Downs Relay or just enjoying

the springtime weather? I’ll settle for all



gardening cartoon


   And now for something less enjoyable…     Subs are due!


     Yes!  It’s that time of the year again.   Let me remind you of the new subs structure:

-  “Runner rate” £10

-  “Social/Walker Rate £5

-  “Pensioner Rate” £5

-  “Family Rate”, as per usual. 

   If you notice a little red dot on your name label, you are in debt! (We do like to be discreet in these matters!)












    Please, pay Jackie Griffiths, your

new Membership Secretary on weds or

send a cheque to 11, Daisy Croft,

HENFIELD, West Sussex, BN5 9LH.

Cheques payable to Henfield Joggers.





Liz Brindley 01903 813 864


Brian Griffiths 01273 494256


Richard Knight 01273 492293


Debbie & Darrell Locke


Mark Walton


Debbie Slade 01273 495660




Adrian Hearne 01273 492964




Cristina McLean 01273 493964





Jackie Griffiths

(as for Brian G)




Trevor Hodgson 01273 492595
















































Ken Lancaster Challenge:


   This enjoyable and exciting club

fixture will take place on July 13th

at 7pm.  There will be a BBQ.


Lille 2005:


   I am disappointed to report that there won’t be a trip to “La Braderie” this year.  Brian Bracey tells me that all hotels for that week-end are already fully booked. 

   Perhaps next year we will make it to the mussel fair…


Moon Walk 2005:


   A group of Henfield lady Joggers

are taking part in the Playtex Moon Walk in London on June 18th 2005.

   The team are called THE

HENFIELD CHIX and are raising money for breast cancer research and cancer care.

   Look out for some of the fund raising activities from THE CHIX.


Summer B-B-Q:


   The date for this is Friday 15th July, not as advertised in the

recent Newsflash.


   We are delighted to announce that “our hosts” this year will be Dave and Kay Willis of Potwell Gardens, so all we need now is some fine evening weather.

   To those who are new to this annual event, the plan is that everyone brings their own meat/fish/veg and a bottle or three, plus either a sweet or savoury dish to add to the  general food table.

   The BBQ will be lit and cutlery and plates etc. will be available, and the sun will shine, so do join in!

   It usually starts at 7.30 pm.


Bathtub Race:

   This year’s race will be on July 23rd.  It is a really fun event for the whole family. 

   Our venerable vessel, The Jolly Jogger, hasn’t managed yet to finish the course on the Adur in a non-embarrassing position, despite the valiant efforts of our regular crew. 

So, all you incipient sailors and novice rowers, do come and test your endurance and skill.  Come on, me hearties!  

   The only condition is that you don’t mind getting wet and covered in flour…

   A bus could be arranged if there is enough interest.

  Please, contact Duncan Campbell for more info.

Welcome to all new members!


   The following runners have completed this year’s Beginners course:

   Rob Thornton, Chris Brown, Diana Lyons, Diane Playford, Linda Comber, Debbie Ping, Laura Valentine, Zillah Webb, Linda Bailey and Hilary Thomas.

   Welcome all!  We hope you will all continue to run with the Joggers.

   Congratulations and thanks to Liz Marks for running such a successful and professional course!


London Marathon 2005:

(from Adrian Hearne)



   A great day was had by all at the 2005 London Marathon.

   Henfield was well represented with everyone completing the course. All those months of training have paid off.

   Joggers’ supporters were able to cheer some remarkable performances, none more so than Keith Turner, a visually impaired runner, being led by Duncan Blackburn, in a time of just over 4 hours.

    Newcomers to the Marathon Hilary Thomas, Glen Parsons, Loz Lawson and Dave English all did well, as did Lesley Besson, Malcolm Lane, Vic Gretton Jr, plus guest Joggers for the day Robin Wadey and Duncan B’s sister in law, Liz, all the way from Canada.

   A special mention goes to Ken Lancaster who, although not in the best of shape this year, managed yet another marathon, raising a lot of money for St Catherine’s Hospice.  Well done Ken!

   Three of our “colleagues” were in action for Brighton & Hove AC, with Cathy Ulliot running with the elite ladies-Paula and all!

   What started promisingly for Cathy, ended up almost in disappointment, as she staggered over the finishing line missing her desired time.  Still, she did indeed do better than many of us could ever dream of.

   Mark Halls and Kevin Bush completed the trio both clocking good times (although Kevin was disappointed to miss the magic 3 hours again).  Don’t worry, there’s always next year!

   Well done to each and everyone, including some of our friends from Steyning AC who joined us for the day.

   See the results section for times.



 Other marathoners!


   Let’s not forget those Henfield Joggers who also ran marathons, albeit less popular ones: In March, Ralph Bernascone and Tony Whitman went to Seville; later in the month Kay Willis, Jackie Parsons and Malcolm Lane ran in Barcelona, and last month Hugh Martin, Malcolm Lane, Mark Skilton and Mark Halls did the Three Fort Marathon.

   What fantastic achievements all of you!



Runs of the Month:


   Please, take note: the next Run of the Month will be the Hove Park 5K and 1.1ml on 12th June.

  In July, it will be the Steyning Round Hill Romp on the 6th.     For August, it will be the 5ml and 0.5ml Beach Run on the 14th at Middleton-on Sea.

   See you there!


Marshalls needed!


   The Henfield Leisure Centre Half-Marathon is on August 21st, while our Fun Run, the Seven Stiles will take place on September 17th.(The same day as the Great North Run). 

   Volunteers/ helpers are needed for both these events.  If you think you can lend a hand, please, contact Richard.


Henfield Village Fayre:


   This will be on Henfield Common on June 18th 2005.  Can anyone help in promoting The Joggers at this event?

   Ilidia and Liz H are going to be selling nutricious cakes and energy bars as part of our stall, but other helpers are needed.   We are looking for those interested in running and willing to advance our cause.

   Please, tell Ilidia or Liz H if you are interested.


Next Newsletter:


   The next committee meeting is on September 6th.

The next newsletter will be due soon after, but the deadline for contributions stands as September 14th.        You have been warned!


Beach B-B-Q:


   Sometimes referred to as “the

Chariots of Fire Run”, this is

planned for Friday Aug 19th at

Widewater, Shoreham .

    There will be a run at 7pm, followed by a swim, food and a possible sing-song or games!!


   We will light the barbie; just bring something to throw on it and a little to drink.  Warm clothes, a chair or rug, and a torch are other useful items.



   Please, ring one of the committee members if the weather is poor.  




   A passionate, but constructive discussion on the selection of the South Downs Relay teams took centre stage during the meeting. No other matters were a concern. 

   There were no changes in the committee, other than Jackie Griffiths taking over as the new Membership Secretary.

   We thank Eric Holder for his and the Football Club’s hospitality.


         Ljubliana Marathon Half and 7k:


   Mark Halls is organising a trip to Slovenia to do this race which will be either on 23rd or 31st October (definite date to be confirmed, but the later one is the most likely).

   Return flights from Stanstead are £60 approximately or £113 from Gatwick (both for a Saturday to Monday trip).

They will need to be booked as soon as the date has been confirmed in order to secure the cheaper fares.  So, please let Mark know your preferred dates and flight options asap.             Tel 01273 594914 or markhalls@hotmail.com



PS (from Mark) – For the more adventurous among you, I will be doing the Bangkok Marathon or 10K on 27th  November and Cambodia Angkor Wat Half Marathon on 4th December.

    A few Henfielders have already expressed an interest, and it would be good to have a few more people up for warm winter training. 


        Halls’ South-East Asia

Running Tour:

(from Mark Halls)


   After a pleasing result at Barnes Green and with darkness descending at a ridiculously early rate, it was obviously time to depart somewhere with higher light levels for the next few months.    So, two days later, Sharron and I arrived in sunny Chiang Mai in the North of Thailand.

   I had a few days rest and then went for a gentle jog to acclimatise myself to the heat,  followed by a track session the next day at 7am – 3 times 1K in the unbearable heat.

   We then flew south to the glorious beaches of Koh Lanta for some well needed rest and relaxation and, surprisingly, I managed 5 short jogs along the beach in 9 days.

   Next stop was Phuket, where the first of my trilogy of races was to begin.


cartoon of four running stick figures


    On Saturday 20th November, we watched the International Triathlon (as televised by Eurosport).

   The Aussies dominated with the first four in the men’s and also had the first two women. It was extremely hot and your heart went out to the competitors, some of whom were in extreme distress.

We saw one guy collapse with only 100 metres to go. Unfortunately, he ended up in an ambulance instead of crossing the finishing line.

A harsh lesson for the next day’s 10K ‘Fun Run’.

    So, then it was my turn. The 9am start was far too late as it was roasting.  I dowsed myself with water at the start and ran with a large water belt.

   I started very slowly and at half way I was 10th. I passed a lot of heat sufferers and finished strongly in 4th position in a time of 36.09 which was 6 secs outside my PB (so what if the course was short?!). I was the first old git, but, unfortunately, there were no age category prizes. When I saw the huge plaques for the first 3, I wished that I had set off quicker. For the record, the winner won by over 7 mins in 28.00 dead – a Thai international no doubt.

   After jetting back to Chiang Mai for the Loi Krathong festival, it was off to Bangkok for the 10K. I got up at 04.45, stepped on to Khao San Road (Bangkok’s Backpacker land) to get water from the 7-11 store. I was shocked at how many drunk people there were hanging around the street at this time of the morning.

   So, off we went to the Royal Palace, where the race started at 06.00 – a great idea to combat the heat and pollution (maybe we should try this in the summer?).                                       

   If you think that this is early, the Marathon started at 03.00 and we passed some of the runners on the final 5K. The roads were closed and the course was flat but very dull. The only point of interest was running round the palace at the end. It wasn’t so hot, but was very humid resulting in a 43 minute finish and I was the 5th old git – out of the prizes again!

  After another few days on the beach (life as an international athlete is so hard!) and a severe case of food poisoning, it was off to Cambodia for the Angkor Wat Half Marathon which I had just about recovered for in time. 



    Consequently, I was sporting a new ‘thin-looking athlete body’ – must try that food poisoning thing again.

   Last, but by no means least, in this 3 weeks trilogy, this race has to go down as my favourite ever.

   I started slowly but finished strongly in about 1.34 and was approximately 20th.



  The course was good, flat tarmac roads nearly all shaded by trees and traffic free.

It went around the impressive temples of the Angkor Wat, which is a huge site, and there was fantastic support from all the thousands of children that adorn Cambodia – what an experience. The race raises money for land mine victims, many of whom are innocent children.

   The poor children collect recyclable objects in order to raise money to feed themselves and they had a field day around the course with all the empty water bottles around. Their smiles were a picture. I will definitely be returning this year and already a few Henfield Joggers have shown an interest. There are also 5K and 10K races as well.

   If anyone else is interested in these races, the return flights to Bangkok are approx £500.00 and from Bangkok to Siem Reap (Cambodia) £100-150 return. Everything else there is incredibly cheap. You can budget £100-£150 per week to include hotel, food and drink. You can also do your Xmas shopping at ¼ of the British prices!



Poznan Marathon:


   Here is the invitation we have received from Poland  to run the Poznan Marathon, from its director, Janusz Rajewski:



  “We would like to invite all your members to participate in the biggest maraton in Poland - Poznan Marathon.

   Almost 3000 runners start in it every year, among them in-line skaters.

   The race will be held on 9th  October 2005 and runs through the main streets of the city. Great fun and friendly atmosphere is guaranteed.

Runners starting for the first time are free of charge.

   To check all the details enter our web site *www.marathon.poznan.pl.*

   If you have any problem or question please don't hesitate to ask.”  






Dates for your Diary:


4th June         South  Downs                     Relay


18th June       Henfield Village


                        Moon Walk


22nd June      Mid Summer Dash (Steyning-



13th July        Ken Lancaster



17th Sept       Seven Stiles Fun



18th Sept       BUPA, Great

                        North Run,



9th Oct          BUPA Great

                        South Run,







                   May you all enjoy your running

              this summer!          



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