Our regular weekly meeting is 7pm every Wednesday at Henfield Leisure Centre...a smaller group regularly visits the track at Withdean Stadium, Brighton every Tuesday at 7.45pm (there is a £2.65 charge)...     

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Newsletter, February 2005

(See the results page for new results listings)

The Christmas Dinner that never was…


    A power-cut? No one could believe it.  But, there was one, and the major social event of the Joggers social calendar was cancelled.

   However, many of us were accommodated at The Bull Inn at the last minute, and had an

enjoyable, but different gathering.

          Special thanks to Zoe and Brian Snell! 


…and a Valentine’s Success



   As every cloud has a silver lining, the Valentine’s Do at Singing Hills was definitely 100 carat gold.

   Good food, decent wines, excellent service, fun disco and loads of space:  Great value for money, from where I stand!


    (Liz B adds)

   Dancing on the tables and on the Patio in February! Wow! A great night out!

    Sixty-eight of us certainly made up for the disappointment of the Christmas Do and enjoyed a super evening.

   Thanks to Cristina for setting a quiz for us.  The photos and captions were very funny.  Look for the winning entry in this newsletter issue.

   This year’s Christmas dinner is already booked there, come shine or rain…




     First of all, congratulations to Steve Robinson on winning the Grace Wells Handicap in 2004.  His name has now been added to the Club Board in the Leisure Centre entrance and he holds the shield for this year.  Well done also to Chris Wheeler who was



   Thanks must be extended to Chris Bradfield for his devotion to this event and, of course, to Adrian who has supported him and encouraged the rest of us to take part.



   A reminder: the Handicap is held on the first Wednesday of every month, EXCEPT for the July Handicap, which is on June 29th and the August Handicap, on Aug 10th.

    Remember! The winner of the Handicap can also win a place in the London Marathon, if he or she meets the necessary criteria, i.e. the winner of the handicap must have entered for and been rejected from the London Marathon for the forthcoming year.


Runners needed!  


   Two “8 min miler” runners needed for the 1000 Mile Relay July 7th 2005. 

   This is a charity event. See Joggers Notice Board or Mark Halls if interested


Test-run Shoes


   Well, you test-run cars before you buy, so why not shoes? 

   On Wednesday March 23rd a running shoe company will bring a selection of shoes to the Sports Centre. Everyone can try out a pair of shoes without any obligation to buy. You can use them to do your Wednesday evening run and even if they get filthy you wont have to clean or buy them!



Pub Runs


   Would you like to organise one pub run this summer? A notice with available dates is on the Jogger’s Notice Board. Please, choose a pub from the suggested list or your own personal favourite (We will find it wherever it is!)

   The idea is for you and a friend or two to work out a route and then Lead & Sweep on the night.

   Please, put your name and pub of choice next to the date that suits you. 

   Looking forward to some great summer runs!


Moon Walk 2005



   A group of Henfield lady Joggers are taking part in the Playtex Moon Walk in London on June 18th 2005.

   The team are called THE HENFIELD CHIX and are raising

money for Breast Cancer Research and Cancer Care.

   Look out for some of the fund raising activities from the Chix.


YHA Street Weekend
   There are still one or two places left for this exciting weekend away contact Liz B (01903 813864) for more info.

Henfield Village Fayre


   This will take place on June 18th 2005 on Henfield Common.  

   We plan to run a stall to promote Henfield Joggers at this event.  Ideas for a theme, as well as members keen to advance our cause are welcome!


   Ilidia and Liz H will be selling cakes in aid of Breast Cancer. If you can help on the stall or can provide a homemade cake or biscuits to sell, please, contact either of them.




   This is to be held at the Football Club on 16th March 2005. (See attached agenda)

   Cristina’s food and a well stocked bar will be available.

   There may be a raffle and a possible Moon Walk Demo!!

   Please, put questions and comments forward to one of the committee, prior to the evening if possible, and let us know if there is anything else that you want added to the Agenda.

Lille 10K & Half-Marathon


     (From Brian Bracey)

    I’m starting to organise this year’s trip to Lille (Sat,Sept 3rd) and collecting names of those interested.

   “La Braderie” is an action packed weekend when the city is given over to people’s enjoyment.  The festivities start with a 10K run and a Half-Marathon. You can regale yourselves with moules, music, beer, moules, antique stalls and yet more moules (it’s the start of the mussel season).



    Lille is 1h drive from Calais.  I plan to go by ferry travelling Friday, returning on the Monday.

   Please, let me know names of anyone interested asap, as hotels need to be booked early.


Look Out! Look Out! Runners About!


    (By Adrian Hearne)

   The last newsletter mentioned that not enough Joggers were participating in races.  Well, that is not quite the case. 





   Two of our veteran members, Mick Dee and Vic Gretton, are certainly doing their bit for the club. They can be found most weekends ‘flying the flag’ for the Joggers, not only at local events, but also all over the country.

   Mick, ably supported by Cynthia, travels the length and breath of Britain running in some fabulous races at some great venues.  In 2004, he managed 63 races and came 3rd in the V6 category of the Sussex Grand Prix.  Not bad for someone who collapsed with heart problems and had corrective surgery just 2 years ago… 

   He is having a holiday at the moment running a half-marathon in Miami, USA!



   Vic, if not running for us at a local event, often goes off to Wales to run up mountains, as you do…  He enjoys trail running and finds himself in some wonderful places, all with unpronounceable names!  Vic also runs in some tough fun events, such as ‘Man v Horse’ and ‘Race the Train’, no doubt leaving some very bemused Welsh people thinking “Who are the Henfield Joggers?”

   Well done to Mick and Vic!  We look forward to your exploits in 2005.


2005 Races for All


  The new year means a new race calendar.  For those who don’t know – Henfield Joggers tend to base their year on the West Sussex Fun Run League calendar and the Sussex Grand Prix series, as well as any other good races happening nationwide.



  The Fun Runs cater for all standards, from the very good to the novice or fun runner.  All earn points for the club on a league basis.  (Note that Henfield are usually about half way out of 17 clubs).  And there is also a Junior league, should any of your youngsters fancy a go. 

   See me, Adrian, to enter these races on the mass club entry - £1 for adults and 50p for juniors.




   The Grand Prix tend to be mostly road races.  They give you the chance to run for your club as an individual and as a team member.  The various points tally at the end of the year, and count towards possible medals and trophies in your age category or in a team prize.  All you have to do is complete 8 races in the year, 2 being 10 miles or more.  You enter these races yourselves, with forms available from Jackie G., Adrian or from the notice board.

    Let’s see if the Henfield Joggers can win something this year!  But, above all, enjoy what you do.


London Marathon 2005


   It seemed like a good idea at the time…!

  … I expect many of you, London Marathon runners, must have thought, as you pound the streets in the cold and the dark.

   The timing of this event is particularly difficult, as you submit your form in the latter part of the summer. 

Having been accepted, won a place or earned a charity entry, you then try to get through Christmas in some sort of shape, preferably not round!  Then, you embark on some serious training from January till April.  But the good news is that, come April 17th, it’s all going to worth it.  Whether you are going for an improved time or merely for survival, it should be a truly memorable experience.

   This year, our marathon runners will be split between London and Barcelona in March, and Berlin, later in the year. 

   Good luck to you all!


Runners around the world


   London Marathon Coach Trip


   The club is, as usual, running a coach to the event.  All are welcome – runners, supporters, friends and family.  Come and cheer on our Henfield Joggers and Britain’s Paula Radcliffe in a great day out!

   There will be buffet food and drinks at The Bag o’ Nails pub afterwards.



The cost for bus and meal is £15 for adults and £ 7.50 for juniors (accompanied by an adult, please).  See or call Adrian for details on

01273 492964




   New club vests are on order and will be here soon.  Adrian tells me that he is making enquiries about sweatshirts and T-shirts.

   T-shirts in junior sizes may be a possibility.

Xmas Bus


   Although we had to pay for the bus booked for the Singing Hills Christmas Dinner, I still have £3.50 per person to return.  Could those involved, please, contact me? (Cristina)


Our Man in Scotland


   Ruben Hunt, a Henfield Jogger, has moved to a place 15 miles west of Aberdeen. 


   Apparently, it is great for running and walking.  He would welcome any club members who may want to visit the area.

   For contact details, please, see Adrian.


Beginners’ Course


   Just a reminder that this year’s Beginners’ Course will be lead by Liz Marks.

  It will run for 8 weeks and start on March 9th.

   For information, please, contact Liz on 01273 495055 


Runs of the Month


   March 28th Easter Monday at Lewes: 10k and 1k is the next Run of the Month. This is always a popular event and makes a good day out for the family. We usually call into The Jugs at Kingston after the run.



   April's Run of the Month will be the Tilgate Forest 5mile and 1.5mile runs on Sunday April 10th.  It's wonderful to be able to enjoy a forest run on the edge of Crawley. This takes you over the motorway (where you may like to look out for the artificial tree hiding a transmission mast…)

   Ah, the joys of the countryside!

   Check notice board, nearer the time, for our meeting point after the race.


South Downs Relay 2005


     (from Trevor Hodgson)

   This year’s event, which celebrates its 20th anniversary, is on Saturday June 4th.

   For those in the club who have yet to take part, this is your chance to enjoy the wonder of the South Downs on a summer’s day.  It consists of a relay race over 96 miles from Beachy Head to Winchester along the South Downs Way.





   Last year, 50 teams took part starting from 5.30am. As always, we are one of the few clubs who are able to enter 3 teams. 

  Each team organises its own transport for the day, which is completed with a pub

get-together.  We arrive back in Henfield around midnight.  A great day! 



   A meeting is planned for Wednesday March 16th after the club run.  We should have further details of this year’s event from Richard Carter, the organiser by then.  In addition to our 3 teams, Henfield Joggers are also responsible for marshalling at Saddlescombe from 9.30am to 12.30pm.

  Having talked to club members, the general opinion is to enter 2 even men’s teams this year.  All the teams will be chosen at the March meeting.  The plan is to draw names from a hat. 

   All those interested should have their names up on the notice board list by that date. At present, we need more ladies to sign up!

   Once the teams are chosen, the legs will be sorted.  You can discuss your preferences by then.

   For any queries, please, contact Trevor.


Great Manchester Run





   The BUPA Great Manchester Run is taking place on May 22nd.  The course is 10K through the heart of this historic city.  This popular event is likely to be fully subscribed.  However, Peach has some guaranteed entries for those willing to raise funds for them.

   Peach is an independent organisation that provides support and practical assistance for the families of autistic children.

   If you think you can help, please, send an e-mail to info@peach.co.uk, or call 01344 882248.  Info on this run is available at www.greatrun.org.uk

   The closing date for entry is 15th April.


Important Dates for your Diary


Sun 17th April      London 



Sat 4th June        South Downs



Sun 18th Sept       BUPA Great

                     North Run,



Sun 9th Oct         BUPA Great

                     South Run,







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