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Newsletter, November 2004

(See the results page for new results listings)

Remember, remember,

The month of November…

Yes. Another year is, yet again, drawing to a close. But, before we welcome a new one, there is still plenty to get on with at present.

You will notice that the committee has been busy thinking up of novel ways to keep the Joggers going strong.

We also have a new race results compiler in Mark Walton, who will be taking over from Darrell and Debbie L. They have done a fantastic job of producing accurate and clearly presented results for you. Our much deserved thanks to both!

There are also news on the Handicap, the South Downs Relay Race, and much more!

And last, but not least, our main social event, the Christmas Dinner, which this

year promises to be bigger and better. Read on!

Seven Stiles Fun Run Photos:

In spite of the miserable weather, our own fun run was a successful and jolly occasion. Our thanks go to all who helped on the day, including marshals, the Leisure Centre staff and the two DJs from Radio Southlands who also provided the PA system. A small contribution was donated to these two institutions.

There are some very good photos available on the internet from info@AntBliss.com

Follow the links on the Joggers’ website and find a whole picture library behind each still.

A special mention goes to our venerable member Malcolm M who commented on the loudspeakers that the Joggers were "a middle-aged club"…


Simon, the Leisure Centre manager, thanks the club for their support, as well as all the marshals involved.

Photos from this event are also available from the above company.

Christmas at Singing Hills:

Some 20 of you have already secured their booking for the Christmas dinner at Singing Hills Golf Club. This is our first outing there and we have the whole place to ourselves. There will be plenty of room for every one, so if you haven’t booked the night off, do it now!

If there is enough interest, a 22 seater coach could be organised for this event. It would be reserved and paid for in advance. Please, contact me (Cristina) about this.

But now, to the most important point: The menu!

You will find it attached to the back of this newsletter. Please, fill out the form and return with full payment BY DECEMBER 8TH (£30; £20, if deposit paid). For pre-ordered wine at discounted prices, see notice board. Cheques payable to Henfield Joggers, thanks.

The bar will be open from 6pm till midnight, and dinner served at 7.45. There will be a disco and carriages at 12.30pm.

Remember, Friday December 17th. See you there!



Festive Village Run:


Our now traditional seasonal run through the village is scheduled for Wednesday 22nd December. Do join in the spirit of the day and come wearing appropriate Christmas gear!

There will be a drink stop at someone’s house in Henfield. The address is yet to be confirmed.



This year’s handicap is drawing to a close and we will know who the winner is after the December run. Prizes will be awarded at the Xmas Bash. The current format will continue, as it has proved to be so successful. However, your committee is concerned about the potential risk to runners coming through the final twitten of the winter route. So, from January, those taking part will have to run a little further.

If you have any concerns or any points to make related to this, please, address yourself to any member of the committee.

Next year’s handicaps will start on Wednesday January 5th.

Run of the Month:

Participation in Fun Runs and Grand Prix events could be better. Adrian really does a sterling job in his role as race co-ordinator, but his heroic efforts are clearly not enough to entice a regular and significant number of members to League and other major fixtures. Where is our sporting "mojo"?



Fun Runs and GPs are great ways to spend some Sunday mornings. You get to visit all parts of the county, join with other clubs, meet up with old friends and other current members whom you don't get to meet on Wednesdays, you stay fitter and have a genuine excuse to go to the pub for lunch!


It is also worth mentioning that other clubs support our own Fun Run, whereas we are not always doing so for them. We are in danger of loosing out by having fewer runners attend our event, the Seven Stiles Fun Run.

So, what to do?

A regular "Run of the Month" will be nominated and promoted. These will be chosen because of their degree of difficulty, scenic value, or simply because of the level of enjoyment.

Everyone and their families will be encouraged to attend, thus aiming to rekindle the very social and sociable side of our sport. We will meet at a nominated pub later.

The Runs of the Month will be advertised on the notice board.

And so, our very first ever Run of the Month is the Plumpton Classic on Sunday January 9th 2005. This is a 7.5 Km race, with an alternative 3.5 Km route, both starting at 11am.

It is a good venue for parking – great for spectators – there are showers and it is a good route. Why not make this your goal for New Year’s Resolution? Come and join us there, and help us turn this into a huge club event! And,

The Half-Moon at Plumpton will beckon post-race. Don’t forget!

For the month of February, the Chichester Priory 10 Km race is the nominated fun run.

Committee Decisions and AGMs

Now that the club is growing in numbers, it is sometimes difficult to cater for everyone and difficult to make changes and decisions which affect us all.

With this in mind, it has been suggested that we hold a more open AGM with the date advertised well in advance so that any burning issues can be added to the agenda. For instance, are you happy with the increase in Pub Runs during the Spring/Summer months? Have you come up with any fresh ideas that you would like to propose to the club?


With this in mind, it has been suggested that we hold a more open AGM with the date advertised well in advance so that any burning issues can be added to the agenda. For instance, are you happy with the increase in Pub Runs during the Spring/Summer months? Have you come up with any fresh ideas that you would like to propose to the club?

Also, as most of the" running world" leagues and events run from January to December, i.e Fun Run League, Grand Prix, Handicap, etc, it makes sense to move our AGMs to November each year. Therefore, in 2005 we may have two AGMs (one in March and one in November), if approved by you, the members. So, stand by!

Please, note that the next committee meeting will be on 17/1/05.



Xmas Tracker Night:

This has been planned as a fun session pre-Christmas, to introduce some of us to the track and make a change from running around the village.

One bus will be arranged for the first 16 who add their names to the list on the board. A second can be booked, if necessary. Please, put your names down early so that suitable arrangements can be made.


The proposed date is Wednesday 15th December. The bus will leave at 7.00pm for Withdean Stadium and bring everyone back to the Leisure Centre by 9.30pm.

Cost, £2.50 pp for the bus. Stadium cost to be announced.

Regular Tracker Night:

A reminder for the uninformed: on Tuesday eves, the Joggers have been joining Brighton & Hove at the Withdean Stadium track. They meet at 7:45 pm for 1 hr. The cost of the session is £2.65 approx.

Well worth considering, as speed training will ultimately improve your overall speed and performance.


All abilities are welcome, from 5 to 10 min milers.

Contact Richard for further details and possible

shared transport .

South Downs Relay:


The next South Downs Relay Race will take place on June 5th 2005. If interested in taking part and willing to train, please, put your name down on the relevant list on the notice board.

A meeting concerning this race will take place on Wednesday 26th January, after our evening run. How would you like the dynamics of the teams to be made up? Mixed/boys/girls?

If you are keen to run in one of the teams and have an opinion on this, please, do attend.

Membership Stragglers:

Well… how can I put it? Are YOU going to be the Winner of the Wooden Spoon for the Latest Membership Payment this year? The candidates for this notorious prize are few, but the actual winner will have the honour of being presented it at the Christmas Dinner.

The anticipation is killing me…!

New Year Bash:

We have as yet no venue for our New Year’s Eve Party. Any offers? Maybe you have never hosted a party for us, or haven’t done for a while. This is your chance to see how we all behave when we are not running!

Ok! … Ok! Not all at once, please!




You can look for regularly updated Grand Prix race results on their own website, www.sussexgp.co.uk

If you have information or results on any non-Fun Run or Grand Prix events, please, send to Mark W at the Joggers website under "results" as soon as possible.

Boxing Day Walk:

Another Christmas tradition in the club is the Boxing Day Family Walk. Trevor and Liz H have organised this for many years, generously starting us on our way with hot mulled wine and home made mince pies.

Usually, we make our way to the Fountain Inn, at Ashurst for some lunch and a game of skittles. The skittle alley is already booked.

Do join us for this very enjoyable outing!

Please, ask Trevor for more details nearer the time.


Wednesday Pantry …

… or a packet of peanuts?

Many of you have already been enjoying hot, home-made meals after our Wednesday runs. Ilidia and I make an effort to produce a variety of tasty, reasonably priced dishes, catering both for vegetarian and non-vegetarian. We often forgo our run on such days, and juggle work and family commitments in order to cater for our hungry customers.

We are more than happy to continue providing meals on Wednesdays, although the financial gain is minimal. But, the effort must justify the demand.

Do keep supporting us, and BON APPETIT!






served hot with a spicy mediterranean sauce


served on a fresh herb salad with a tomato coulis


french onion soup served with parmesan croute


served with a herb salad and a touch of fresh dill and lemon



served with a delicate herb and onion stuffing and a rich jus


served with a rich shiraz jus


with a parmesan cream sauce



All Dishes Served with Fresh Vegetables and Roasted Potatoes



with brandy butter sauce


served with vanilla ice-cream


served with fresh strawberries and vanilla ice-cream




Bar opens 6pm, Dinner at 7.45pm, Dancing till Midnight, Carriages 12.30


Please complete the following and return to a committee member with full payment by December 8th 2004.






Cheques payable to Henfield Joggers please, £30 pp includes tip.



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